Beverlee W. AndersonThis scholarship program, established in memory of the first Executive Director of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, aims to provide financial assistance to healthcare simulationists who would otherwise be unable to attend the annual International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH). By funding this program, we can enhance the capacity of the scholarships and enable a greater diversity of individuals to participate in this transformative event.

The Beverlee W. Anderson Education Scholarship Fund offers need-based support for attending IMSH. The scholarship covers the registration fee, an immersive session, SSH membership for one year, and a $2,000 travel stipend for US-based recipients and $3,000 for international recipients. The goal of expanding funding to this important program is to increase the number of scholarship recipients and increase the travel stipend to better meet the actual costs associated with attending the conference.

The primary purpose of the Beverlee W. Anderson Scholarship is to provide equitable opportunities for healthcare simulationists, especially those from low-resource organizations or countries (countries defined by the World Economic Forum country tiers). Supporting these Society members promotes professional development, fosters global collaboration, and ensures individuals from diverse backgrounds can actively participate in the advancement of healthcare simulation.

This scholarship program targets healthcare simulationists who demonstrate financial need and would benefit from attending IMSH. Priority is given to first-time attendees and those representing low-resource organizations, ensuring that individuals who would otherwise lack opportunities can access this transformative experience. The scholarship targets both US and International members.

By supporting the Beverlee W. Anderson Scholarship, you contribute to the improvement of healthcare simulation on multiple fronts. The program enables deserving individuals to gain invaluable knowledge, skills, and insights from the largest simulation meeting in the world. Recipients bring back their learnings and experiences to their respective institutions, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of simulation-based education and training. By investing in this program, you empower deserving simulationists. Together, we can foster an inclusive and vibrant healthcare simulation community.

Dan Raemer

Albert Muhumuza

Since scholarship program’s inception in 2011, the Society has awarded more than $48,000 to 26 simulation professionals.

2023 Recipients:

  • Kacey Call, MSN, RN, College of Eastern Idaho Nursing, Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Albert Muhumuza, MBChB, Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Mbarara, Uganda