The annual SimVentors Showcase at IMSH highlights the innovative technology development that takes place in member healthcare simulation programs and among emerging companies. New product ideas, improvements on old ideas, new virtual environment offerings, serious game technology, and DIY task trainers and models are showcased. The 2023 IMSH event saw a remarkable 47 entries. Supporting simulation technology advances through your gift enables individuals to contribute to the improvement of education and training and enhancement of patient safety.

The SSH Fund Program is currently seeking funding for the newly established SimVentors Awards, which will be announced at IMSH 2024 to help drive for IMSH 2025, when funds will be awarded. While awards have been given to recognize outstanding ideas and products showcased at the annual SimVentors Showcase during IMSH, the addition of monetary awards will provide further support to these exceptional concepts.

Simulation operations personnel play a crucial role in implementing high-quality healthcare simulation, and their ideas for new technology or improvements are the essence of the SimVentors Showcase. By providing monetary support for the SimVentors Awards, we can encourage a wider range of entries with greater depth and variety. Additionally, monetary awards can serve as a vital catalyst in transforming ideas from demonstrations into marketable products, benefiting the entire healthcare simulation community.

Your generous gift in support of the SimVentors Awards will help elevate the stature of this growing Showcase at IMSH, aligning it with venture capital-backed technology competitions. By attracting a greater number of submissions and showcasing ideas that have progressed further in their iterative process, all attendees at IMSH will benefit from witnessing technological innovations that expand the options and enhance the quality of healthcare simulation training.